In the current season of the Premier League, enough distance to start producing cautious results about the quality of the gaming teams. Graphics, favorites and aliens are very convenient to highlight with some reservations and also highlighted valuable and overly valued teams created and approved

Man City had the best offensive and defensive margin in the league - Pep Guardiola decided to seriously defend the championship. In the first season in the UK, the Spanish coach was surprised at how often his team lost their team's score, which was of a better quality than its competitors. Last season, the problem was solved simply: if the created luck is not enough, you need to create even more to win the big football appointment.

The depth of the composition, un Liverpool ”and“ Chelsea 'where the quality of the game only grows, will have to work hard to keep up with Sir Alex. First, it seems a little more interesting as a contestant for the championship: better defended and attacked, although the calendars were harder (they were already played with Tottenham, Chelsea and Man City).

Two main season openings are Bournemouth and Wolverhampton. Now both teams are going to the top 6 league with confident steps, and the first one is guided by the attack, and the danger created is lost only by “Man City” and “Liverpool yaratıl, and the second - by the defense and by their goal, the only danger that goes down .

Speaking of Watford. The gold average of this league is a perfect attack and defense balance. The Javi Gracia gang would have looked better if there had not been an unsuccessful match that failed in the eighth round against Bournemouth.

Hikaye Southampton ”is another story. The only person who can save this team is Danny Ings.

In some places, etkili MJ v gives excellent sections, but the team cannot show effective football in the long term. Jose Mourinho has been constantly confused, and the British press has reported news about the clashes within the team. The main change is a weak defense game. With the quality of the defense, i MJ Sir is a normal middle league, and without the wonders of David De Gea, it can't leave Sir Alexis in the first quarter.

Huddersfield is for decisive defensive purposes, but does not know what to do in an attack. It started in the second half of last season and now it stands - it's easy to admit that David Wagner doesn't know how to change the helpless situation. Funny fact: maç Hudder gol only scored one goal and scored exactly one in each (4 away games - 4 goals, 4 games - 0 goals).

Newcastle is in the fall zone and many have written from Rafa Benitez team accounts, but see the calendar of the starting rounds: Top 6 (Tottenham, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Manchester United), 2 strong middle peasants (geride Crystal Palace,) Misafir Leicester ”) and ve Cardiff” and a guest. And "Newcastle" is not the worst in the league according to statistics. Perhaps very soon, "Newcastle" will turn into a reliable supplier of fantasy jokers.