Carlo Ancelotti: "I adapt my game vision to the players I have at my disposal, Ronaldo, he made only one mistake, that of going to Juventus"

The coach of Napoli on the eve of the delicate challenge with PSG, praises the Parisians that he said hannp the potential to win the big-eared cup.

Great expectations, therefore, for the third day of the Champions, the one that is the most difficult on paper, in which Carlo Ancelotti will return to Paris, which has seen him protagonist from the 2011 season up to that of 2013 as a coach, winning a Ligue 1 before passing at Real Madrid.

Tonight will therefore be a special match for Carletto, who comes to this appointment with the record in the group with four points after two days, in a really iron group that also includes Liverpool and Stella Rossa.

Ancelotti seems to be satisfied with his team, he admits that he does not have Maradona, and we could add that this flaw is certainly not exclusive to Napoli, but he thinks he has a high-level group, especially with young people. The technician is trying to adapt his game ideas on the basis of the "human material" at his disposal.

The reference to Maradona, that is, at the golden age of Naples, indicates that the coach firmly believes in being able to snatch the Scudetto from Juventus, also reassured by the false bianconero step in the last championship that has allowed the Neapolitans to get closer to the rankings.

Ancelotti can bring his great experience, even internationally, to make the leap in quality that is still missing in order to win something important.

This evening the challenge with the PSG, credited with being able to get to the end of the Champions League is an important test for the new Naples of Ancelotti. Already in the last day against Liverpool Insigne and his companions have shown to be able to get away with opponents of absolute value and we await confirmation for this difficult trip to Paris.